1. Collateral Designs.

  2. Insight Briefings. C-Level Event Communications.

  3. Cynar Hoy is a mix of current and old knowledge around a plural and diverse network of collaborators. We envision a free product for everyone. We believe in building a newspaper for bars, cafes and restaurants. A product for consumers who like to read and be informed about music, art, cinema, cuisine and cocktail bar. A free, open and funny newspaper that helps us survive the weathering that today many call Stress.

  4. Santander Case Study

  5. OpenMall development. 

  6. MailAmericas Corporate Website

  7. HubAmericas by MaiAmericas brand design.

  8. Cover for Octane Magazine. 50 years of the Ford GT40.

  9. Cover for Evo Magazine. Ferrari 458 Speciale.

  10. Responsive website for Oyikil Publishing. Design, content, programing.

  11. Oyikil Publishing Co. Rebrand & Stationery

  12. Octane Magazine Cover #2

  13. Evo Magazine. Photoshop for Audi R8 aperture.

  14. Evo and Octane booth at Salon Internacional del Automotor. 

    Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2013.

  15. Boris by Berlina Packaging. Premium Patagonic Beer.

    Boris by Berlina Packaging. Premium Patagonic Beer.